via Daily Prompt: Black

All is black. The curtains are opened, and the sunlight fills every corner of the room. Eyes squint, the temperature rises, and the colors of the room shine bright. The day is here as if the night never came. One by one the buttons push into the holes of the shirt. Fingers search for the zipper, the shoelace, and the tightening of the tie. A check of the mirror with the help of the gleaming light. Hands sweep a wallet into the back pocket and feel for a pen in the front of the jacket. Keys in hand, lights off, and door closed. Quiet immediately engulfs the room. Everything is still. The couch sits heavily on the floor,  the microwave ticks through time, and the empty coffee cup drys in the sink. The light does a slow dance across the apartment as the sun shifts in the sky. The shadows play against the light until it wins one final time for the day. The sun’s last ray disappears and the apartment sits in the deep shadows of the night. Color fades and black appears. Darkness powers through the air as if the light does not exist. The light waits to be called again just as the darkness waits to be broken.


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