Beans Attack

The room is quiet and the air is still. The summer heat pulses through the night. On the counter awaits a coffee maker ready for the action of the day. This machine plays an important role in this paper company. It brings energetic vibes, vital to a paper salesman’s charm.  The aromas pour into every part of this paper company. Customers are drawn in by the alluring smell. They’ve signed on the dotted line for monthly paper deliveries before they snap out of their coffee hypnosis. Before they can resist they are handed a cup of coffee for the road. One sip and their head spins from the euphoric feeling of the dark nutty coffee traveling through their body. “This is so incredible it should be illegal!”, the customers exclaim. The salesmen know there is something strange about the coffee experience at their company. However, business is so good they don’t make time to figure out why. Until one random Saturday. You all are smart people so I imagine you know where this is going. The coffee pot was mysterious. It had a magical hold over customers. But as you all probably guessed, it had to come to an end. Right? Riiiighhht?? Right. Good guess. As I was saying before, there was a random big promotional Saturday where it stopped working. As Larry the salemen went to pour himself a cup of joe he noticed the coffe never brewed and the light on the coffee machine was dark. Larry knew their luck had ended. He stood there for a long while. Studying the simple coffee maker and all of it’s blemishes from the many uses. After many moments of silence in the midst of the crazy office, Larry turned around, walked to his cubicle, grabbed his suit jacket and important items from his desk and immediately walked out the door. Larry never came back to work. His desk still sporting pictures and thank you letters from all his loving customers. Moments later a crowd was huddled around the coffee machine. It’s as if an alien had landed right there in the middle of the office. They wouldn’t go near it, yet they couldn’t move away or avert their eyes. Suddenly the whole office was quiet and starring at the you know what. Phones rang, customers knocked, but no one moved. One by one each salesman gathered their things, walked to their cars, and drove away until there was no one left. None to return again. A beep of a fax machine. A pen left open on a desk. A mailman stopping by to discover an empty office and a broken coffee machine. He lays down the Mail on the counter and looks around a bit. Finding no answers shruges his shoulders, turns out the lights and closes the door behind him.


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