The Phonebooth Meets the Bat

A bright light pulses in the darkness. The sound of the newly arrived police box echoes across the dead air of the cave. Bats scatter quickly in the rhythm of the pulsing sounds until there are no bats remaining in the cave. The pulsing stops and the lights from of the box are still. With a click and a creak, the slender box door opens. A man in a striped suit, long jacket, and tennis shoes appears through the door. His quick movements make his spikey hair bounce around his forehead. Looking around this new place he reaches in his pocket for something that looks like a silver flashlight with a blue light. After a minute of observing his surroundings he croucthes low to the ground to feel the stone underneath him. “Thats different,” the long jacket man says. ” Marble floors have never been apart of any caves I’ve seen before. These must be some fancy bats,” he exclaims sarcastically to himself.

He moves toward the narrow bridge ahead and finds himself looking at a gate. He points his blue flashlights and the gate opens synchronized with the spinning of the walls in front of him. The once stone walls are now computer screen filled. In front of a very large circular wooden desk. The long jacketed man hops into the overstuffed office chair and swivels to action. Click of the mouse, rat-atat, of the keyboard and a confident push of the enter key. It’s as if he’d been to this cave thousands of times but this was only his first introduction.


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